Friday, February 26, 2010

Lolita Wine & Martini Glasses

So, as many of you might already know, I am obessed with Lolita Glasses. I currently own a variety of wine glasses, martini glasses, a shot glass and a set of champagne glasses, which we used for our wedding glasses. A few of the glasses I own are pictured below.

These glasses are amazing. They make GREAT gifts, both to give (Mother's Day is coming up!) and receive! There are so many more that I want to get. Including this awesome Beach Diva glass and the New Years glass:

Click here to visit her website and online store: Website and Store. Her glasses can be found at local retailers everywhere, and all kinds of places online (i.e. Amazon). Just type "Lolita Glasses" into Google and you will be amazed at how many of them there are!!

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