Sunday, February 28, 2010

( Updated) Our New Quilt!!

***Update - Well, bad news. The awesome quilt we bought doesn't fit our bed. It is a "Full/Queen" and it is too short in length. UGH! Why do they even make "Full/Queen"? I mean, it's not an actual size - your bed is either a full or a queen - not a combination. And no, they don't make it in a Queen or King? WTF? Grrr ... I am so very mad/sad about this. **tear**

Here she is ... check her out! I am so excited. We stopped by Urban Outfitters yesterday and came across this awesome Fleur Patchwork Quilt! Surprisingly, be both liked it! Crazy, right?? So, we still had gift card money from the wedding so we snatched it up. Can't wait to see how it looks on the bed. I'll post more pictures later of the final look!

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