Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day ~ 2010

Ah, yes -- the infamous Valentine's Day. The "Hallmark Holiday" hated by many! Not hated by me, of course. As you all know, I am way too girly to hate Valentine's Day! I know lots of people say that they don't need a reason to do something nice for their significant other but even so, who cares? Sometimes I think we all get so caught up in life that it helps to have a "designated day" to make your loved one feel special. It doesn't have to be something elaborate or expensive, just a sweet gesture.

For us, we have a fun Valentine's Day tradition that we started about 3 years ago. Believe it or not, we actually go to Hooters! I don't recall how it all started but I thought it would be fun to have our own special, silly tradition for Valentine's. Plus, you don't have to mess with reservations or spending a lot of money. I mean really, who doesn't love beer, wings and cheese fries?

This year, however, thanks to the 80's Valentine's Prom that we attended the night before (see next post!), I was feeling a bit "under the weather". However, not wanting to skip out on our tradition, my sweet hubby went and picked up the food from Hooters and brought it home to me. As you can see, we enjoyed every bite!

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