Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So, to help motivate me, I have ordered myself a new bikini for the trip.  I actually have a super cute black and white striped top and no matching bottoms.  As luck may have, Roxy had some adorable matching bottoms on sale for only $15 and free shipping! So, I ordered both of them!! They should arrive Friday and I will be hanging them right in front of my treadmill ... nothing says motivation then staring at a tiny piece of cloth that needs to cover your ass in 5 weeks, right? Pics below!

**Update: So, I rec'd the first bikini bottom today (the one on the left).  And, it appears some of the reviews were right ... it doesn't cover a lot of the backside!!  It's cute and all but considering I have some "junk in my trunk" ... I'm not sure I can pull it off!?  I should get the other one tomorrow and we shall see how it fits.  If it's the same, I'm going to try and exchange it for a size bigger. While I hate saying that, I guess it really doesn't bother me as I have always had a decently sized tush ... I personally don't care how big or small it is - as long as it is toned and looks good :-) 

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