Tuesday, April 19, 2011


http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-gfRLodrJHg4/TaYm7kf_DfI/AAAAAAAAAj0/eFvDQHXZOg8/s1600/pROXY1-6116574_alternate20_v400.jpghttp://1.bp.blogspot.com/-s-EBzSymn-8/TaYm8rGoO2I/AAAAAAAAAj4/EBo6PJdHMeE/s1600/pROXY1-6586927_alternate18_v400.jpgSo, maybe I'm just getting old but when did bikini bottoms all start being made either half-assed or grandma style?  It's like I can't win this season at all!!   

As you all know, I ordered two (2) super cute bikini bottoms from Roxy to match my black and white striped bikini top. I was WAY excited for them because 1.) they were super cute and matched my top and 2.) they were on sale + free shipping!!  Well, I got both of them in the mail and tried them on (with undies under them of course) and both of them barely covered half of my ass?  Now, I know I have got some junk in the truck and I am not ashamed by any means ... but a bikini barely covers enough as it is - I don't need 50% of my ass cheeks hanging out as well - especially since I'm going with my family!!  Now, I'm not saying I want a grandma style bikini bottom, I think a bottom covering at least 3/4 of my ass would be appropriate, don't you? 

Sigh ... so, I'm debating on exchanging them for larges (I got mediums).  I hate that I have to order a large b/c it's not that they don't "fit" per say as they are not too tight .. they simply leave nothing to the imagination :)  I'm wondering if a large might cover a bit more in the back and still fit comfortably everywhere else?  One of them is a string tie side so I'm not worried about that one fitting, just not sure if the other one will be too lose and fall off should I decide to take dive into the pool?!   Ugh ... decisions, decisions ...

*Side Note: I guess now that I look at the picture, you can see that the bikini does not cover all of the bum*

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