Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pour Some Sugar on Me ...

So, in an effort to help my weight loss I am going to try and cut back on a key culprit ... SUGAR!!!  I really don't have much of a sweet tooth although I do like cereal as well as Special K Breakfast Bars and Granola Bars, which I have no problem cutting out.  However,  I was surprised at some of the things that had more sugar than I had thought.  For example: 

Baby Carrots 
1 serving (8 carrots/85g)
Sugars, total: 4g
Calories, total: 30 
Calories from sugar: 16


Yoplait Light Yogurt, Strawberry
6 oz Container
Sugars, total:  14g 
Calories, total: 100 
Calories from sugar: 56


Nutrigrain Cereal Bar, Strawberry
1 Bar (37g)
Sugars, total:  13g
Calories, total: 140 
Calories from sugar: 52

 Prego Marinara Spaghetti Sauce
 1 serving (1/2 cup/120g)
 Sugars, total:  7g
 Calories, total:  100
 Calories from sugar: 28 

So, can I eliminate all sugar ... wait, let me rephrase that - will I eliminate all sugar, no. I don't believe in living a life depriving yourself of certain things. I would rather have some meat on my bones and junk in my trunk than to eat "healthy" all the time.  But ... I am willing to make some changes when it comes to my breakfasts and snacks, and even my lunches on occasion.  Dinner however, no way.  

So, some of the ideas I have to help replace some of my sweeter, more sugary snacks such as Yogurt, Special K Bars, Granola & Cereal are: 

  • Fruits and Veggies (while these have sugar, they are naturally occurring sugar and not not as "bad" for you according to my research)
  • Edamame w/ a dash of sea salt and lemon
  • Almonds 
  • Turkey + Hard Boiled Egg
  • Hummus + Carrots + Red Peppers
  • Greek yogurt 
  • Tuna Salad + Cucumber Slices
  • Pickles + Cheese + Turkey
  • Cottage Cheese + Cherry Tomatoes  
  • Oatmeal (Weight Control with only 1 g. of sugar) or Regular oatmeal or 'whole rolled oats'
  • Spicy Popcorn: 100 calorie popcorn + 10 small pretzels mixed w/ 1/2 tsp chili powder + 1/8 tsp red pepper flakes 
I am, of course, always open for any ideas or suggestions!! 

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