Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Every Little Bit Helps

To help speed this process along, I have started doing some miscellaneous exercises while I am at work. I tend to do lateral leg lifts, squats and calf raises in addition to doing the stairs (13 flights at 22 steps per flight) every day.  Sometimes I'll do them at my desk, sometimes I'll them it while making copies (not the squats here though!) and I even do it in the bathroom. Yes, the bathroom. I know it sounds silly but by the time I leave work, I often have between 60-100 reps of each of these exercises done! A few less things I have to worry about when I get home to work out in the evening.  And, given that I don't get home until 6:30 p.m., any amount of saved time is greatly appreciated as I can focus most of my evening workout on cardio and strength training for my upper body and core.

I feel like I have been focusing more on my lower body versus my upper body so I want to try and correct that.  I can tell my legs are getting stronger and the backs of my legs/thighs are "smoother". (Ladies - I know you now what I'm talking about!).  However, I really want to start seeing some changes in my stomach/ab area as well as my arms. As I told my friend Tasha, "If I catch a stiff wind in a tank top ... I might fly away with these flabby wings (arms)!" So, maybe it's time for me to break out that Shake Weight we got at a "dirty santa" gift exchange last year!?  Has anyone tried one?  If so, does it work?

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